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voice chatters say what
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&, & ampersands, & maturityplz!, &mo, 10, ampersands, amy, anon meh-mays, ashf, azn, bekka, caitlin, canada, canada is intense, cb is 13, cb's dirty little secrets, chat name = gosh, claire, comprehending chyna's gender issues, crying, daddy i'm a cock!!1!1, digimon, dirty mad libs, disobeying speed limits, dog seductions, driving around blaring tko, emosands, evan, evan jamming printers, evan wanking 20x/day, fake orgasms, finding emo, hms indigestion, hot tubs, interpreting l337, jacquie, jacquie's orgasms, jer, jer = v8 wonder, joe singing canada song, karaoke with evan, kris, kris10, kris10puttinginterestsaboutherself, liberating house elves, macdinking, making out in dumpsters, not the plzplzplz gang, ohnoyoudidn't!, our clique is canon, paid accounts, patties!!1, playing "i never", popping cherries, rachael, rachel, rachel's dad's girlfriend talking, romping jer, rose, rt38op4ak, salad fingers, spew!!1, sunshine dust, takingbackwhatweneverhad, taryn, the swiss army romance, thereslotsofsnowinboston, tko = theme song, towonto, voice chats, warasuuuu, willtherealrachelplzstandup?, winning clique wars, y u so craaaayzay??!1?, yoko freako